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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Vehicles now are highly computerized, artificially intelligent, and active in terms of their functions. The Check Engine Light in vehicles is one of the examples of technological advancement.

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A Check Engine Light is also known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (the MIL), and is a part of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) System. Engines are now managed through computers in terms of their performance, working condition, service requirements, wear and tear, and the like. It is no more a matter of checking everything manually; rather computers are present to take up this responsibility. A check engine light is usually placed in the instrument panel.

On the other hand, a Service Engine Light is something different. A service engine light indicates that a service is required, probably only an oil change or minor regular maintenance; it never indicates a problem as in the case of a check engine light. Although both are warning lights, they differ greatly in terms of urgency and/or a threat.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

It is important to many people to look after their car and to take pride in its appearance. Many of us spend endless hours cleaning and polishing.

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However, cleaning the outside and inside of the car, shampooing, polishing and vacuuming is not enough. In order, to ensure that your vehicle reaches and maintains its peak performance levels, it is vital to have regular Air conditioning services carried out by an expert technician.

The health of your car air con depends upon routine checks and regular servicing sessions, ideally spaced twelve months to eighteen months apart. The natural porosity of the hoses and other components of the air conditioning require regular upkeep. Moreover, a well-functioning car air conditioning system is not just important it is a necessity, since lack of use, could result in the refrigerant gas leaking slowly out of the system at an estimated rate of 15%-20% every year!



The brakes of your car play a huge role in making your car safe to drive on the road, which is why they should always be in good condition.

More Details on Brakes

It’s a must that you pay close attention to the overall performance of your car’s brakes. If you notice some issues or abnormalities on your brakes, you should immediately get a brake repair service done on your car so that you can make sure that you’ll have a safe drive when you use your car.

Brake repair needs to be done as soon as possible since the brakes of a car are considered as its important safety feature. Without them, your car will just keep moving forward until it bumps into something or runs out of gas. Whenever you step on the brake pedal of your car, the brake fluids rush into the brake lines, which are connected to the wheels and stop them from moving.



The maintenance usually consists of procedures that assure cleanliness, monitoring or mechanical performance, and conditioning car parts into their optimum performance in a scheduled basis.

More Details about Maintenance

If you are a first time car owner, you can ask your sales representative about the maintenance cycle of their product lines so you can also put it into consideration upon its purchase. A car is a liability because of the initial investment it requires but it can become an asset when it turns out to last longer than the manufacturers indicated. Expensive vintage cars are examples of proper maintenance and keeping that enabled their owners to enjoy a more valuable price tag on them compared to when they bought it.

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